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Is your point of sale EMV compliant?


Technology that will move your business to the next level

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If we can’t reduce your fees and save you money we’ll give you $500.00.

Faster Access to funds*

Access to funds as soon as the next business day.

Simple Statements

Easy to read and understand.


Cost-Effective solutions for selling online.


We are constantly working to make your processing fast and secure.

Don’t make it complicated

Let us simplify your payment processing needs.

Call us at 1-800-27-MERCH

Build Customer Loyalty

Our loyalty programs are tailored for your business. Use them to draw and retain your valued customers.

Lower your Credit Card Processing Fees

We will analyze your credit processing statement and let you know how much we can save you. If the savings are not there we will give you $500.00

Funds limiting your growth?

We can help. Our cash advance programs can get you the money you need to grow your business. Now, lets get started on that remodel you have been putting off.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Accept payments anytime and anywhere. Our secure mobile processing network is fast and easy to use.

Don’t Let your Business Run You

Instead run your business and take control. Our innovative POS systems will help you manage everything from inventory to payroll.

Own Multiple Locations?

Let us help manage your portfolio and reduce costs.

""Thank you, SO MUCH, for the quick handling of our credit card terminal issue. You guys are the best! I do know other business owners and I will be happy to refer them to Merchantech. Your customer service is awesome and second to none in the industry.""

""I had the pleasure of speaking to Arish in your Technical Support Department this morning. He was extremely helpful and spent over an hour with me to fix a problem I was having with my machine. He was very patient and courteous throughout the ordeal. He is a great asset to your team.""

""I just wanted to write and thank Latifa for the excellent service I received this afternoon. I have overwhelming praise for her performance and want to thank her endlessly. Excellent job!""

"Merchantech has also adopted the strategy of offering a unique product"

− Digital Transactions Magazine