The Merchantech Difference

What Makes us Unique?

Owning a business is not easy. You have customers to take care of, employees to manage, inventory to track – and the last thing you need on your plate is having issues with your payment processor or Point-of-Sale. This is exactly why we want to save you the time, hassle and money, so you can continue doing what is best for your business…running it. Our primary goal here at Merchantech is to make your business successful and run flawlessly. With our unique array of products and services we have helped thousands of business owners such as yourself reach their goals. See how we are different in our methods to take your business to the next level.

Forensic Analysis

Our team of analysts have a over 25 years of combined experience in translating inflated rates into true savings. They strain statements through a sophisticated series of algorithms and mathematical models based on our proprietary process to uncover and eliminate every fraction of a cent you are being over-charged

Custom Tailored Solution

There are several thousand different types of credit and debit cards, each with their own costs depending on their individual benefits.  Through our Forensic Analysis we will have an exact accounting of your client base; used to determine the effective cost of the cards your customers use.  With this knowledge we can pair your business with the program that will provide you the lowest overall cost.

Simple Statements

We redesigned and revolutionized the way statements are printed to ensure our customers know exactly what they are being charged and why.

The Family Guarantee

We are a family business and consider our clients family as well.  We are not a big corporation that is deaf to your feelings.  We are always available to answer any questions and mediate situations before they become issues.  Our leadership team is always available to talk should you ever feel your concerns are not being addressed.

24-48 Hour Set-up Time

Once you have completed the necessary steps to begin service. Our team of highly trained staff can have your account up and running in as little as 24 hours. You will be ready to accept payments, have a customizable menu builder, track your inventory, set schedules, manage payroll, access sophisticated reports and have a full blown loyalty program in place.

Merchantech POS Backend

Our robust and user-friendly virtual backend is rivaled by none. You will have your entire business at your fingertips wherever you go!

Secure Payments

We take a holistic approach to security, compliance and risk management and offer integrated technologies, like end-to-end encryption, that help effectively manage security and risk. Our comprehensive solutions let merchants easily meet compliance requirements, reduce risk for data security and privacy and securely process both in-store and online transactions.

Streamline your Business

There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of payment processors out there, but very few can streamline your entire business. We are here to offer a real solution to business owners and give them the tools to run their business as efficiently and effectively as possible. As you grow we grow.

Don’t make it complicated

Let us simplify your payment processing needs.

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