Clover Station 2018 - Developer Kit

Clover Station 2018 - Developer Kit

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Clover Station 2018 Developer Kit

*This item is available only to Developers. It does not work in a retail environment and only functions on Sandbox platform where developers can test their app"

Purchase Requirements: Must have an active Developer account with Clover and at least one app published on Clover App Market. Once order is placed a member of our staff verify requirements have been met before item is shipped.

  • Provide the name and link to one of your published app on the Clover App market 

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Manage your business from anywhere

  • Streamlined operations Clover Dashboard is your center of operations, from sales and inventory to promotions and business reports.
  • In the cloud Access your data anywhere you need to run your business: on the floor, at the office, or on the road.
  • Insights at your fingertipsHarness the power of your own data—discover the patterns and trends driving your sales and take a smarter approach to marketing.

Give your customers the best of your TLC

  • Get to know your biggest fans Collect and manage customer contact info and marketing preferences, so you can engage with them on their terms.
  • Turn first-timers into long-timers Use our cross-promotional tools to build lasting engagement—in real-time.
  • Happy customers come back Create engaging loyalty programs within minutes—no strings attached.
  • Proactive listeningEngage with your customers one on one, before their feedback hits social media.