360 Donations

  • Collect Donations by using your Clover Device as a Donation Kiosk
  • Set a specific goal for various campaigns
  • Set a time of how long you need to collect donations
  • Admin access allows ability to create new campaigns
  • Shows who donated to encourage more donations


360 Donations allows non-profits to accept donations from the Clover POS. Use your Clover POS as a Donations Kiosk to allow customers to make donations.

360 Donations allows you to create campaigns to collect donations for different causes. You can create a campaign to collect donations to build a school or collect donations to provide books for students.

You can create long term or short term campaigns to meet specific deadlines.

360 Donations can help your non-profit collect money to fund various endeavors.

360 Donations is free.

360 Donations works with the following Clover Devices
-Clover Station 2018,
-Clover Mini
-It does not work with the older Clover Devices where you have to swipe the credit cards.

Please also note that 360 Donations is a Donation Kiosk App. It is meant to be left semi-unattended so customers walk up to the Clover Device and donate themselves. It's not meant to be used by the merchant to ask for donations at the end of a transaction.

It's recommended to purchase a separate Clover Device, then open 360 Donations on that Clover Device, and leave it semi-unattended or unattended.

After using 360 Donations, please email us with your success story of how 360 Donations benefited your Non-Profit.

Please call and provide feedback as you use the app so we can add more features.

Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, and Station

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