• insights you need to make better business decisions
  • Items, Orders, Employees, Covers, Dwell Time, Custom Reports, ..., full BI project on your data.
  • the most detailed reports and exports in the marketplace, with 50+ columns
  • all your locations, automatic report emails, inventory management reports...
  • work seamlessly on any device.


Analytics BusinessQ app is unparalleled in helping merchants turn data into insights and action.Tailored for business owners, managers, accountants, controllers, suitable for any business type.
Join the merchants using this app to grow their revenue using data-driven insights - install free today!

- Very fast overview reports for quick monitoring based on payments
- Very detailed reports based on orders: for tracking every aspect of Clover business and multidimensional analyses

- If you have more locations, you can see them all integrated into one report. We offer discounts for 5+ locations.

- Carefully designed and predefined reports, charts and business dashboards for everyday use
- Create your own reports
- Receive your favorite report on email

Below are just a few business dimensions that you can track in the app:
Order details and type, profit, employee, tender, device, customer, location, item, category, label, SKU, modifiers, daypart, day, day in a week, hourly sales distribution, day vs day, 2 periods comparisons, stock values...

- Analyze overpaid / underpaid orders, get access to 60+ columns per order for deep analyses

Use maximum detailed excel/csv exports for integrations with your ERP/accounting/CRM systems

- use Analytics to define Employees Commission percentages, even per category sold

If you are using MY REWARDS app (or are looking for a great loyalty app - https://www.clover.com/appmarket/apps/6XZ2KXFEVQPKT?clientCountry=US ) you will be happy to know that we have direct integration with them!

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Additional info about App Tiers.

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Pricing & Subscription Information

First 30 days you will enjoy FREE to try, full ADVANCED tier features. After that you switch to completely free STARTER tier with an overview Dashboard.
 - $9.99 per month
First 30 days you will enjoy FREE to try, full ADVANCED tier features. After that you switch to ESSENTIAL tier with an overview Dashboard and 10 essential reports.
 - $19.99 per month
First 30 days you will enjoy FREE to try, full ADVANCED tier features. After that, you switch to BASIC Analytics tier: 30+ visual and detailed Reports and Dashboards, including Employees commissions setup, Diagnostic reports, MULTI merchant support and more. Unlimited number of users.
 - $39.99 per month
All in BASIC plus all-in-one Master summary report, Cover and Dwell time reports, automatic emailing, inventory management reports, ability to create your own CUSTOM REPORTS, our premium support and more... Unlimited number of users.

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