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Much simpler setup process. Just 3 steps for drivers and 2 for merchants to get you started.

Better Delivery allows you to manage your delivery staff efficiently. It integrates directly from the Clover-station and splits all your delivery orders into directional batches: SE, SW, NE, NW. Integrated with our FREE mobile app, you assign orders to your drivers and can track and communicate wth your drivers in real-time.

You can also include on your website for your customers to track deliveries in real time. Customers get ETA and driver information directly from your website and the ability to track the food. Merchants have the ability to track your drivers in real-time on an area map.

The mobile app also routes your drivers in the most optimized route to get to all the homes and back to your location. Save on fuel, never get lost or arrive late and make your customers extremely happy. This is the app that all your delivery staff need for making their lives easier and gives you the added control you need.

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Pricing & Subscription Information

-Pay-per-action pricing: This app will bill you when the following actions occur:
  • $0.10 per Discounted Order
  • $1.00 per New Orders - Free Subscriptions
  • $0.50 per New Orders - Platinum Clients
 - $9.99 per month
For our less busy customers, first 100 orders are free per month and per order cost is $.50
 - $29.99 per month
First 500 orders per month are included free and every subsequent order is charged at $0.10 per order.
 - $49.99 per month
First 1000 orders per month are included free and every subsequent order is charged at $0.10 per order.

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