Cash Discount
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  • Compliant within the guidelines for correctly offering cash discounts
  • Enables businesses to share the expense of payment processing with non-cash paying customers
  • Encourages more cash payments
  • Compliant signage available for download
  • Simple for employees to use


Now you can change your pricing to include most of your expense - just like gas stations have been doing for years.

It’s simple. Let’s say that today you sell an item for $10.00. Through this cash discount app, the new item will become $10.40 (which helps to cover most of your expenses).

When a customer comes in to purchase that item, you will ring it into your Clover device and the price will be $10.40. Let’s say that customer pays you in cash, check, or debit card.

You will simply select CASH/CHECK/PIN DEBIT and the app will automatically apply a Cash Discount to your customer’s order, taking the price to $10.00.

Let’s say that same customer comes in to purchase that item, but this time they want to pay with a credit card. You will ring it into your Clover device, the price will be $10.40, and you will process the transaction as your normally do. And, because the customer paid $10.40, the price they pay helps to cover your expenses.

Now imagine if you sell 10,000 of those items a month. That is $100,000 in Credit Card sales that you’ve processed which incurred you about $4,000 in credit card processing fees.

Now imagine that nearly all of that expense was shared with your customers - that is the beauty of the Cash Discount App.

We have seen success in multiple industries, including the following:

Restaurants, bars, gift shops, nail salons, attorney offices, locksmiths, retail boutiques, clothing stores, day spas, beauty salons, night clubs, animal hospitals, smoke shops, ice cream parlors, pet grooming, car washes, tattoo shops, food trucks, auto repair shops, tire stores, health clubs, retail vape shops, and many more.

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

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  • Tier 1$19.95 per month

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