Cash Track
Seven Spaces

  • Track daily cash amount in cash drawer
  • Receive daily shift report through email


The Cash Track app enables you to track and monitor cash out and cash in from employees or registers. You can also record tips and any other adjustments.

Here's how you can use the Cash Track app:
1. At the beginning of the shift, record how much cash you assign to each employee and register.
2. During the shift, monitor current cash on hand for each employee and register.
3. At the end of the shift, reconcile the employee's count and the manager's count as well as print shift report.
4. Receive daily shift report through email.
5. Access daily shift report through web dashboard. *
6. Restaurants can also calculate tips due.

The Cash Track app is integrated with the rest of your information in Clover.

* Requires Multi Store Reporting app.

Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, and Station

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 - $9.99 per month
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