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Clavo Tables - bringing efficiency and simplicity to your table management operations. With it, you can manage tables at restaurant and also take orders on the table.

Get started in 4 easy steps:
1. Create Sections & Tables - Split your restaurant into sections and then drag and drop tables you have created at your leisure
2. Assign Tables to Wait Staff - Tables are assigned to your wait staff, giving you an overview of who is working where
3. Take Orders at the Table - With your full menu at your fingertips, take orders and then fire them directly from the table to the kitchen.
4. Checkout Customers - No more back and forth with an easy, convenient table side checkout process that your customers will love.

Additionally you can also:
• Take standing orders - During peak hours you can take standing orders for customers who want to order drinks and appetizers, extending your capacity to suit demand.
• Track table lifecycle - Clavo Tables helps you by displaying, in real time, the lifecycle of each table, from start to finish.
• Generate Separate Checks by Guest or Items - Checkout customers at the table at any given time with the ability to generate separate checks by guest or items across multiple parties.
• Move Items between guest

Available on

Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, and Station

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 - $49.99 per month
Manage Tables and Take orders on the table

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