Everything your business requires. In an all-in-one smart, simple device.

Ready for sales

Start taking orders right away, with minimal set-up and training.

Smart Stocking

Categories, labels, modifiers and variants to make organizing your inventory easy

Reward loyal customers

Create a loyalty program within minutes—completely free.

Manage reports from anywhere

View your best sellers, pull reports, or just take a quick dashboard glance from anywhere.

Fast & Reliable

Why choose Clover Flex?

Think you can’t run your business on a handheld? Let us bring you up to speed.

Always working

Whether your ringing up 5 transactions a day or 1000. Wi-Fi, LTE connectivity and a lithium-ion battery will reduce down time substantially.

Cloud Data

 All your data and info, always at your fingertips.

Versatile customization

Clover Flex gives you the same power as larger devices to customize your business the way you need to run it.

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Streamline curbside pick up with Clover Flex

Clover Flex

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  • Safe Check Out

  • Free Return

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