CobaltConnect - Liquor Store App
  • Prevents Your Products From Being Sold Under State Minimum Prices & Avoid State Penalties
  • Automatically Apply Discounts To Orders
  • Stop Manually Applying Discounts To Each Order


Get Two Applications For The Price Of One!

**The State Minimum App:**
Helps ensure that you are meeting the State Minimum requirements for all your Retail Beverage, Tobacco & Alcohol products.

The State Minimum app helps make it simple to review and identify any products with retail prices below the State Minimum or bottle cost listed in red so you can easily make the necessary changes.

You’ll no longer worry if an employee mistakenly applies a discount which could drive the retail price below your bottle cost or state minimum pricing. CobaltConnect State Minimum app will automatically remove the discount in real-time from an order.

**This Discount App:**
The Discounts app is the easiest way to manage all the discounts available in your store. Simply create a new discount with its own unique code. Setting up the discount is as easy as entering the dollar or percentage discount amount and selecting the products that are eligible for that discount. You can easily make changes to existing Discounts programs. Set up custom parameters including; minimum products needed, Discount percentage or dollar value, expiration date and the products associated.

You will no longer have to worry if your employees are making mistakes manually entering in any discounts in the Register. After your discount is saved, the app will automatically begin applying your Discounts to your orders in the Clover Register app. It’s that simple!

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Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, and Station

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Retail Price Control & Automatic Quantity Discount

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