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  • Provides a coveted presence in modern consumer's digital wallet.
  • Standout with geo-fenced targeting and drive foot traffic.
  • Supports multiple identification/redemption methods and code types.
  • Hassle-free use for both customers and you. No plastic.
  • Available on all smart devices where Apple Pay and Google Pay are available.


Grow your business by engaging with customers directly using your branded passes in customer's Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallet.

Connect: Publish the assigned SMS number on receipts, emails, social media, website and ask them to text keyword PASS to it. Or Ask them to opt-in to Follow your business on point of sale or from receipt. WalletIn sends them instructions to download the pass.

Engage: Create unlimited announcements/promotions using Apple/Google Pay campaigns. Setup one-time/recurring schedule to updated passes and notify customers. They scan code, show code to enter in pos or click REDEEM. Brick and mortar merchants also benefit from geofenced targeting to stand out from competition.

Measure: Check activities 24/7. Get weekly activity report by email.

1. Receive email to Activate your account and set password.
2. Verify and update Business and Site settings.
3. Modify generated Pass templates and Pass campaigns to enable pass download. Do not change the field Campaign ID.
4. New customers (with marketing opt-in and mobile#) would be automatically informed via SMS with instructions to download passes.
5. Activate the generated campaign prefixed phone_pass_download to notify existing customers (with marketing opt-in and mobile#) with instructions to download passes.
6. Create new Pass templates and Pass campaigns to update downloaded passes with announcements, deals, promotions, etc.

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Pricing & Subscription Information

Pay-per-action pricing: This app will bill you when the following actions occur:
  • $1.50 per Pass
Includes 5 passes/month. Each pass download charged @pay-per-action pricing after 5 passes.
 - $19.00 per month
Unlimited passes. Each pass download charged @pay-per-action pricing. Trial restricted to 25 passes.

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