Customer Check-in for Loyalzoo


  • Speed up check-out operations
  • Customers can register themselves into your loyalty program
  • Let customers view their own loyalty points balance


Speed up your check-out process and allow customers to register themselves into your loyalty program, using a customer facing Clover device, such as a Clover Mini.

How it works:
Customers just type their phone number or email address, and they pop up at the top of your customers list on the Clover Register, ready to be attached to the order. If they are new, the system also offers them the ability to type their name.
Once they have checked in, they are able to view their points balance, redeemable rewards and any available promotion.

This app requires "Loyalzoo - Digital Loyalty" installed on the same account to work.

Available on

Flex, Mini, and Mobile

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  • Customer Check-in

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Clover Station Pro

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  • Safe Check Out

  • Free Return

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