Engage with customers

Customer engagement has proven to increase sales. Building great customer relationships is a gateway to success. Our tools will give you the competitive edge at no extra charge when you sign up.

Customer loyalty.

Our customer loyalty tools make it easy to build a lasting relationship with your customers. All at no cost to you when you sign up.

Drive customer traffic with promotions.

Reach out to customers for feedback.

Get to know your clientele.

Reward your most loyal customers.

Strong customer engagement

Increased spending

Engaged customers return more often, spend more per visit, and refer more friends and family.

Increased customer value

A small percentage increase in customer loyalty can cause profits to soar. Our loyalty programs make it easy.

Increased repeat business

The cost of acquiring a new customer is much higher than nurturing the ones you already have. Use our tools to keep them loyal.

Increased customer return rates

Create a clear path for your customers to return for future visits.

Our team is ready to chat

Let our experts answer all of your questions and build the perfect  Clover combo to suit your needs.

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Customer Relations

Direct communication

Ask customers to share feedback by using their printed receipts. Giving you the opportunity to address their concerns.

Increase sales and traffic

Send promotions real-time via social media, text, or email.

Reward frequent customers

Show customer appreciation by encouraging them with articulate programs. Allow them to auto-pay, order in advance, and track their points.

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