Discount Scheduler
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  • Schedule discounts to trigger automatically save time on checkout
  • Assign discounts to individual items with fixed price scheme or weighted items (per unit)
  • Flexible discounting schemes will accommodate most merchant discounts
  • Automatically sync up all discounts in all devices in your store


Create comprehensive discount schemes. Schedule once or on a recurring basis. Assign discounts to categories, items, or both. This app is great for any business that schedules discounts, especially bars for happy hours, restaurants for daily or weekly specials, or grocery retailers to offer up soon expiring items at a discount to move the inventory faster. Schedule all your special pricing events ahead of time and never worry about charging the right amount at the right time again.

This app supports 3 discount schemes
- % Off item price.
- $ Off item price.
- Overwrite Price of item to $

This app supports 3 different price type of items
- fixed price type
- variable price type
- per unit price type

This app supports 2 different bundling options.
- discount all items after customer bought certain amount of items.
- discount every x item after customer bought certain amount of items.

This app is available for free to merchants who have Tobacco Scan Data by CSI Works.

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Free w. Scan Data
This app free to merchants who have Tobacco Scan Data Installed.
-Unlimited Use
 - $10.15 per month
Unlimited Discounts. One price plan for all use.

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