Drive CX Connect


  • Get customer feedback at point of payment
  • Make sure customers leave happy and share good reviews
  • Increase return visits with "come back" offers
  • Get more loyalty signup and online ordering app downloads
  • Share feedback with teams and improve performance


Drive CX Lite (FREE):
Create your custom comment card to get ratings and feedback on your Clover payment device. Add your logo, branding image and an advertising page in minutes. Get instant actionable feedback.

Drive CX Pro ($29/mo):
Automatically send a comment card to your customers phone with "come back" offers. Invite customers to share good reviews. Signup more customers to newsletters, on-line ordering apps and loyalty rewards programs.

Drive CX Premium ($49/mo):
Alert managers to poor customer ratings and solve problems before customers leave. Automatically flag actions to improve operations on personal action boards. Share customer insights with employees and benchmark performance. See customer and team statistics, trends and profiles. Receive weekly reports on customer and team "happiness" and engagement.

Add-On Applications:

- Pay@Table, Order@Table, and Pickup Order Mangement

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation) and Flex

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Pay-per-action pricing: This app will bill you when the following actions occur:
  • $0.10 per Offer Sent
  • $0.08 per Comment Card
  • $9.00 per per device
 Drive CX Lite
Create your own custom comment cards. Add your logo and advertising images in minutes. Find out what your customers really think by getting feedback in real-time with your Clover device. Customer review dashboards and weekly “customer happiness” reports. Includes 500 Free comment cards.
 Drive CX Pro
 - $29.00 per month
Make sure every customer leaves happy. Alert managers to solve problems before customers leave. Automatically send "come back soon" offers. Get more customers sharing good reviews on social sites. Grow loyalty and online order app enrolment on your Clover device and get your customers back more often. Includes 500 Free comment cards.
 Drive CX Premium
 - $49.00 per month
Improve team productivity. Share customer feedback with teams. Know which employees bring customers back and which ones don’t. Automatically flag actions on manager 911 boards. Compare employee performance, acknowledge excellence and keep your most valuable employees longer. Includes 500 Free comment cards.

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