Footfall - Customer Count


  • Keep a log of visitors to your business
  • Overlays on top of any app for easy use (optional)
  • Visualize customer visits on graphs


People counting.
Shopper counting.

Knowing how many products you sell is great but it is also important to know just how many people enter your place of business.

Footfall for clover allows merchants to keep track of how many customers visit their shop, restaurant, bar or any other type of business establishment.

Simply tap the button each time a customer enters your business.Small widget is accessible from every screen and can be positioned to where you like on the screen.

View Graphs that allow you to spot trends relating to which days are the most busy.

Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, and Station

Pricing & Subscription Information

 - $3.50 per month
Monthly Subscription

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