Identify EBT Items


  • Clover cashier selects one button 'Show EBT items' to filter those from non-EBT items.
  • App shows sub-total with no tax for EBT items for customer to agree.
  • Simple ''tick box' to remove any 'EBT items' to reduce sub-total before payment with EBT SNAP card.
  • App automatically removes Tax from EBT paid order-items.
  • App removes 'paid EBT items' from original order. Easy to pay remaining items as standard.


When Clover cashier scans an overall order for grocery items, and clicks one button 'Show EBT items, the app filters 'EBT eligible items' from the overall Clover scanned open order items list.App shows sub-total without tax & allows that be paid by EBT SNAP card.

App allows EBT list to be edited-reduced if EBT SNAP card has not enough credit. (Simply un-check the tick box beside item to be taken off EBT sub-total).

App automatically removes the EBT items which were successfully paid for using EBT SNAP card.

And app shows remaining unpaid order items, with sub-total balance to be paid by Cash, Check, or standard Debit-Credit Card.

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Identify EBT Items
 - $17.00 per month
Identify EBT eligible items. Allow payment with EBT SNAP card for EBT items.

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