Kroid POS
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- Works with
- Clover Station
- Clover Mobile
- Clover Min

- Dynamic and Inclusive interface
POS system that you and your crew member can use with ease. It has friendly user interface that everybody can conveniently use particularly on peak hours

- Customizable business operation
Set up your own menu and conveniently and items anytime anywhere. Create groups, categorize it by type, then add price and tax with our Kroid Back Office.

- Web report
Monitor how your business grow with our real time Kroid Web Report.

- Works offline

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Pricing & Subscription Information

-Monthly - 1 Device
 - $19.00 per month
Monthly payment for 1 device license
-Monthly - 2 Device
 - $38.00 per month
Monthly payment for 2 device license
-Monthly - 3 Device
 - $45.00 per month
Monthly payment for a discounted price of $15.00 each device license

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