Magic Money
Magic Money


  • Touchless Payment System
  • RFID Card and Wristband Technology
  • In Depth Analytic Software
  • Real Time Revenue Data
  • IOS and Android App for Customers


RFID-based money management, digital ticketing and event management system.

Magic Money™ accommodates fairs, festivals, amusement parks, water parks, music festivals, bars and more by enhancing guest satisfaction and utilizing touchless payment technology.

Our RFID technology is proven to increase revenue, lower costs, and reduce occurrences of person to person contact, fraud, and other potential risks.

With Magic Money, you will have peace of mind knowing that guests are safe, happy, and will return to your event again.


The Magic Money Clover app requires a Magic Money contract and additional hardware devices.

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Available on

Station (2018) and Mini

Pricing & Subscription Information

  • Monthly Subscription$1.00 per month

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