UPDATE [11/6/2020]: We appreciate your patience as we update the app. Please reach out to our email support if you have any issues creating memberships. Thank you!

The app has no monthly flat cost. The pricing is based on the volume of memberships processed through the app each month:
• First $5,000 processed through the app: 0.75%
• Second $5,000 processed through the app: 0.50%
• All payments over $10,000 processed through the app: 0.25%

With the Memberships app, you can manage all of your recurring billing clients directly from your Clover device. Swipe a card once and charge that same card on a regular basis.

The Memberships app allows you to:
• Create as many membership types as you like with custom pricing
• Build 1-month, 3-month, annual memberships, and more
• Swipe a card for payment at the register to create memberships for your customers
• Deactivate or reactivate memberships without losing billing information
• Swipe a new card for payment at any time to update billing information
• Add a unique identifier to each membership
• Quickly search to find and update memberships and membership types.

This app supports any member-based business — from gyms to yoga studios to golf courses — and also supports subscriptions and services. If you have any questions on how
Memberships can improve your business, please contact us.

This app is compatible with all merchant service plans (Payments Plus, Register Lite, and Register) and is supported on the Station (2018), Mobile, Mini, and Flex devices.
Contact us at for more details!

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation), Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Web

Pricing & Subscription Information

Pricing & Subscription Information
-Pay-per-action pricing: This app will bill you when the following actions occur:
  • $0.01 per $4 after $10,000 processed per month
  • $0.02 per $4 after $5,000 processed per month
  • $0.03 per $4 in Memberships processed per Month
Standard - Tiered
Tiered pricing
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