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Digital menus are an entertaining and efficient way to showcase the latest offerings in your restaurant, coffee shop, auto dealer, or service desk. And by integrating directly with your Clover Point of Sale System, our app provides you with a true hands-off digital signage experience!

Our Clover app is perfect for single display “mom and pop” shops as well as large venues with hundreds of displays. If you ever plan to expand on your digital signage or would like to ncorporate additional content into your menu signage, we provide you with all the tools you need to upload, schedule and manage your digital signage deployment.

Best of all - there is no training required. Simply use Clover like you do today and the changes and updates you make to the items, pricing, and descriptions in Clover will be reflected quickly on the digital signage displays throughout your venue.

This app requires a digital media player, contact us for a list of supported devicesSubscription Fee is Per Display

Simply call (877) 344-8450 Extension 8 or email to get started today!

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Pricing & Subscription Information

 - $20.00 per month
-Two Menu Boards
 - $40.00 per month
Subscription supporting 2 menu boards
-Three Menu Boards
 - $60.00 per month
Subscription supporting 3 menu boards
-Four Menu Boards
 - $80.00 per month
Subscription supporting 4 menu boards
-Five Menu Boards
 - $100.00 per month
Subscription supporting 5 menu boards

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