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  • NO MORE POOR ONLINE REVIEWS: Instant SMS Alerts to address unhappy clients timely & increase loyalty
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK & RATINGS at the POS, on a single screen, in seconds!
  • NO SET-UP: Custom survey readily available for your line of business
  • REAL-TIME DATA: Results available live on your dedicated, user-friendly dashboard
  • EFFICIENT: No more survey's URL printed on Receipts! (Unless you want to have one of course!)


*** UPDATE 1 *** We are pleased to announce that we have added the feature for "Tips" during the invoice payment process. In order to activate this feature, please log into clover.com from a computer, log in and click on Online Payment Request from the Clover dashboard. You will find a checkbox for this feature on that website.

This application will allow your customers to make a payment online. That payment will process under your Clover account, so no extra services are required to receive online payments.

Online Payment Request will allow you to email your customers a bill and request that they pay that bill online. Simply create an order on your Clover device and use the "Online Payment Request" button to send an email to your customer, requesting them to make a payment online.

* Unlimited number of requests
* Easily set up "From" name and email
* No need to take a payment over the phone
* The payment is directly integrated into your Clover account

Available on

Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Startup - 10 SMS
 - $1.00 per month
Try our app with 10 SMS / Month
-Up to 100 Alerts/mo
 - $7.99 per month
Includes Up to 100 SMS Manager Alerts/month
-up to 250 Alerts/mo
 - $9.99 per month
Includes Up to 250 SMS Manager Alerts/month
-up to 1000 Alerts/mo
 - $19.99 per month
Includes Up to 1000 SMS Manager Alerts/month
-Up to 3000 Alerts/Mo
 - $34.99 per month
Up to 3000 SMS Manager Alerts/month
-Unlimited Alerts
 - $99.99 per month
Unlimited SMS Manager alerts

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