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Homebase offers FREE Time Clock tools:
1. Clock in, clock out + break tracking
2. Declare cash tips
3. Utilize server banking & shift reports
4. Integrated credit card tips
5. Payroll-ready timesheet exports

Homebase offers FREE Scheduling tools:
1. Send schedule by app and email
2. Manage time-off requests and preferred availability
3. Manage shift trades and coverage
4. Make schedule changes on the fly

Homebase offers FREE team communication apps:
1. Free Android & iPhone apps
2. Shift reminders an hour before shift3. Real-time sales & labor views4. Team messaging, alerts, & announcementsHomebase offers FREE Hiring tools:1. Over 200+ pre-written job descriptions
2. Post to the top online job boards, manage walk-ins and referrals
3. Screener Questions
4. Dedicated career page
5. Manage applicants in one spot

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-Basic (Free)
Time Clocks & Time tracking, Breaks & Overtime, Scheduling & Availability, Built-In Messenger, Team Roster, Hiring, Payroll Integrations, Live Support, Labor shift reporting (Printable on Clover)
 - $19.95 per month
All Basic Features, Health & Safety Screening, Remote & Field GPS Tracking, Performance Management, Events & Reminders, Late Alerts, Reports
 - $49.95 per month
All Basic and Essentials Features, Budgeting & Labor Cost Tools, Departments, Permissions, Advanced Compliance, Time off policies & PTO Accrual
 - $99.95 per month
Our best plan! All Paid Plans Features, Onboarding with e-signature, document storage, new hire forms, live HR advisors, handbook builder, resource library

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