Property Management System


Property Management Solution
Complete Automation, Easy, Seamless, Efficient Workflow!
First class property management tools consolidated into a simplified version for property owners, landlord, management companies.
The Property Property management tools are designed to make your operation efficient, responsive, transparent. Our tools will change the way you think, the way your employees respond to tenants and issues, the way you view your operation. Get a true birds eye view of what's going on without the dependencies your accustomed to.

Multi property or single property mode allows property managers, controllers and owners to easily view, respond and access key data to improve their decision making across their whole portfolio. Property management companies increase efficiencies with integrated module for tasking, employee tracking and expenses, Accounting, employee GPRS location, time tracking, payroll ready reports, tenant portal, security and access levels, marketing tools, text and email communication, audit logs, e-sign leases, Cash Discounting, e-invoicing, documents, documents library and online storage.
Our team offers free set up and training for Clover merchants and resellers. This is a great tool for those wanting to improve their bottom line. Payment are integrated with Clover, offering a reduced cost in processing for swiped and EMV card acceptance.

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Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

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