Quickze Restaurant


  • Increased Table Turns and Customer Throughput
  • Reduced Labor Dependency and Costs
  • Improved Re-Order Rate
  • Optimized Pricing and Dynamic Menu


Best COVID response APP. Displays menu on customer's device, takes orders remotely and from tables. Just ask your customer to login to Quickze Guest Quickze App to interaction directly on Clover. Mobile ordering and service request show up on Clover POS. Supports online orders and direct notification to customers on their mobile phone (InApp or SMS).

Quickze reduces direct contact with employees and customers. Best app to respond to challenging time.

Available on

Station Pro, Mini (2nd Generation), and Web

Pricing & Subscription Information

-COVID 3 Month Free
 - $99.99 per month
-Quickze Monthly
 - $129.99 per month
Speed up table turns and do more with less using Quickze

Support & Additional Information

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