Redeem Lottery App
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  • Keep track of lottery payouts in Clover
  • Keep track of employees issuing lottery payouts.
  • Integrated with native Cash Log, Reports
  • Additional, independent from Clover, in app reporting


Any retail operator, whether a C-Store or others who sell state lottery's, also cash out winning lottery tickets. This app is designed to help these store operators keep track of their cash outs in their own POS system in this case, Clover.
The validation and payout still takes place on devises provided by state lottery but keeping track of payouts in your own POS will allow store owners to reconcile and keep track of their finances with the state lottery.

Cash out payments will show up in the native clover Cash Log, native clover reporting as part of cash adjustment in payments, and finally detailed lottery specific reports are available in the Redeem Lottery App.

Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, and Station

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  •  Monthly$5.99

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