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Rental Timer allows you to set a minute, hourly or daily rate to charge for an inventory item on an order.
* This app is ideal for any business which charges by the minute, hour or day
* Renting a Pool Table or a Bicycle is a breeze
* Easy popups let you adjust an order with the correct amount for each timed item
* You can adjust the final price and amount at the end of the timer
* The timer always rounds up by the minute

1) Create an inventory item and assign a minute, hour or day value (Example: Bicycle 1 is set to $10 per hour)
2) Start an order and add the timed inventory item to that order
3) A popup comes up asking if you would like to start a timer for that item
4) Save the order
5) When the item is returned, open the order
6) A popup comes up asking if you would like to stop the timer
7) Cash out the order


Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, and Station

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  • Price$19.99 per month

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