Restaurant365 Integration

  • Restaurant Specific Accounting - Bring your sales, inventory, and staff into one view
  • Completely Connected - POS, banks, vendors, and more - and consolidate your reporting and operations
  • Prime Cost Control - Control your food costs and optimize your labor
  • Smart Predictive Forecasting - Forecast sales based on history, timing, and even the weather.


Use this app to connect Clover POS to Restaurant365.

Restaurant365 is a complete restaurant management solution including Accounting, Inventory, Scheduling, Dashboards & Reporting.

IMPORTANT: a Restaurant365 account is required for use of this app.

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Pricing & Subscription Information

Connector for Restaurant365 for customers before 7/1/17
 - $29.99 per month
Restaurant365 Connector for Clover. For customers that have an existing Restaurant365 system that want to connect to Clover POS

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