Shopify Integration


Have Clover and Shopify work seamlessly.

Manually entering your product data in both Clover and Shopify?
Save time by entering product data in Clover, and having Juno Connect re-create it in Shopify.

Want to avoid over-selling?
Use our connector to synchronise stock levels between Clover and Shopify.

Manually entering your sales order data?
Use Juno Connect to transfer your crucial sales data, from your web store, into your Clover system.

The Juno Connect Sync is a two Way Inventory Sync - with no SKU Limit, Unified
Inventory Data, Quantity Sync & Unified Sales Data.

Clover is the master in the relationship, products are added to Clover and are published via Juno Connect to the website. Order and customer data is transferred from

Follow this link to see the exact data fields that our app syncs, and how to install it. 

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Pricing & Subscription Information

Pay-per-action pricing: This app will bill you when the following actions occur:
  • $0.40 per Order sync over subscription allowance
Juno Standard
 - $67.00 per month
150 Included Order Sync

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