Smart Coupons


  • Easily Print Coupons on your customers receipts
  • Helps increase customer retention
  • Set expiration Dates
  • Great way to increase sales
  • Want Even more Features - Then Look for "Perfect Coupons" in the Clover App Market


Get the power of printing Supermarket Receipts on your Clover Station. Smart Coupons is a no brainer for any business that wants to increase customer retention. Easily print coupons on your customers receipt and upon their return scan the QR code to give them the discount
- Easy Toggle switch to turn on or off coupon printing
- Manually select the expiration dates and update them as needed
- Option to set the minimum purchase amount required to get discount
- Scan the QR code to apply coupon discount during checkout
- Coupons are printed on customer's receipt (Less paper waste)
- Only those with administration privileges can enable or disable coupon printing

Why should I use Smart Coupons?
Increase Customer Retention-
"Wow, I have a coupon for a 10% discount. Let’s see what I can use it for!"
Bingo! You have just earned a repeat customer

Try the app at no risk for the first 30 days.

Do you have the Newer Clover Station and want even more features - then search for "Perfect Coupons" in the Clover App Market

Available on

Mini, Mobile, Station, and Web

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Smart Coupons
 - $4.99 per month
Print Unlimited Coupons -30 day free trial included

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