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  • Run SMS Campaigns
  • Automatic Replies
  • Order Generation
  • Pre-built SMS flows
  • Offer more information to Customers


SMS Marketing is a solution for businesses to Communicate and Engage with their customers using SMS. It is the most powerful medium of communication with an open rate of more than 90%.

Reach out to all your customers within seconds using our App and improve the visibility of your Brand and Create Awareness about your Products & Services to achieve higher Sales and build Loyalty.

Forget old school SMS sending and try out the new way of Interactive SMS that enables activity between the Customer and Business. Customers can now resolve their queries and generate orders Automatically by just responding back to the same SMS.

Automatically syncs with the customer data from your Clover account to seamlessly run SMS Campaigns to all your customers.

Order Generation:
Our Conversational Technology Presents all your Products & Services Automatically every time a customer responds back to the SMS and generate orders in your Clover. Once an order is confirmed, you will receive an email with the details of the order.

Question & Answers:
Save customized Answer for frequently asked questions and our agent will respond back automatically when asked with that particular question. You can also add a single answer to multiple questions.

24/7 Assistance:
It works 24/7 even during off-business hours and holidays to resolve general queries and provide information.

Run SMS Campaigns at a time to all your customers or in batches and track your recent campaigns.

* Improved Brand Loyalty.
* Improved Sales.
* Interaction with Customers.
* Automated Service 24/7.
* Unlimited Customization.
* Increased Walk-ins.

Customers need to opt into marketing for the app to send SMS.
The SMS service is limited to the United States Region

For Corporate and Multiple Store inquiries contact at

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Pricing & Subscription Information

 - $17.99 per month
Subscription for upto 500 SMS/Month.
 - $29.99 per month
Subscription for up to 1000 SMS/Month.
 - $69.99 per month
Subscription for up to 5,000 SMS/Month.
 - $109.99 per month
Subscription for up to 10500 SMS/Month.
-Premium Plus
 - $250.00 per month
Subscription for upto 22,000 SMS + Personalised Telephone Assistant Number.
 - $599.00 per month
Subscription for upto 50,000 SMS/Month.

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