Stock Optimizer


  • Performs revenue based ABC analysis on your sales data.
  • Shows how many days before each item goes out of stock.
  • Creates purchase lists with quantities that enable specified number of sales days.


Stock Optimizer performs revenue based ABC analysis on your stock and sales data to help you optimize your stock quantities, avoid dead stock and lost sales. It automatically creates purchase lists based on your current stock and sales history.

Stock Optimizer shows you:
* How many days before each item goes out of stock.
* Out of stock items. Items that had some sales in the analyzed period, but are now out of stock.
* Dead stock items. These are items on the stock with no sales in the analyzed period.
* High inventory level items. Items sorted by stock level in terms of sales days.
* Highest revenue items.
* Lowest revenue items.
* No revenue items. These are items with no sales in the analyzed period.

You can filter each of these reports by ABC Category or Clover Category.

Stock Optimizer does ABC analysis according to revenue by items. As a result, you can see what are the most important items for your income. Stock Optimizer will assign these items the ABC category A. The items that contribute to your income with medium impact will be assigned the ABC category B, and the items that contribute the less will be assigned the ABC category C.

You can choose the analysis period between 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You can also select values for revenue categories A, B and C between
A=70% revenue, B=20% revenue, C=10% revenue,
A=70% revenue, B=25% revenue, C=5% revenue,
A=60% revenue, B=30% revenue, C=10% revenue and
A=50% revenue, B=30% revenue, C=20%.

Tell the Stock Optimizer for how many days of sales you want to purchase items and it will prepare the purchase list with quantities you need to order taking into account your current stock levels. Fine tune the number of days per ABC category.

Have the purchase list sent to your email, or let the Stock Optimizer compose the email with purchase list in the email program on the device it runs on or simply paste the created purchase list into some other app on the device.

Available on

Station Pro, Station (2018), Mini, Mobile, Station, and Web

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 - $5.99 per month
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