Tip Pooling


SuperTill’s Tip Pooling App brings the sophistication of complex tip pooling and revenue sharing businesses into the Clover ecosystem. In a few short steps, the Tip Pooling App will automatically access your previously inputted Clover data to customize your employee compensation environment. You will seamlessly design an ideally customized environment that will promote and facilitate team cooperation to maximize the customer experience in Restaurants, Salons and Spas.

Use the app to configure:
-Tip Pooling
-Peer-to-peer distributions
-Revenue sharing with employees
-Print, View or email employee income data automatically
-Send the employee their personal data
-Single Cashier set-up with multiple order-takers

Want to find out more? Go to www.tippoolingapp.com.

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Mini, Mobile, and Station

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  • Tip Pooling App$19.95 per month

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