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  • Cash Insentives for Merchant from existing tobacco sales.
  • Faster Growth of Tobacco Product Sales
  • Improve relationship with Altria Group and with Reynolds
  • Multi Pack Discount, Loyalty Program
  • Altria Group and Reynolds Group Scan Data Programs


Are you looking to participate a voluntary reporting program for tobacco product sales? Work with Phillip Morris (PM) and RJ Reynolds (RJRT) via their Tobacco Scan Data program.
This service helps merchants interested in Scan Data Program reporting via Clover Devices.

Programs you can participate in using our service:
- Altria Group programs
- Multi Pack
- Customer Loyalty
- Reynolds America
- Multi Pack
- Customer Loyalty.

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Pricing & Subscription Information

-Reynolds MSAi Only S
 - $29.99 per month
Scan Data for Reynolds Group Only via MSAi all avaialble programs from Reynolds
-Altria Group Only SD
 - $29.99 per month
Scan Data for Altria Group Only All Programs Multi pack, loyalty, etc.
-Altria & Reynols All
 - $49.99 per month
Scan Data for both Manufacturers Altria group and Reynolds. All availalbe programs.

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