Zuppler Online Ordering


  • Branded, beautiful, and mobile responsive online ordering experience integrated with your website.
  • Centrally mange your menu and publish it to Google Online Ordering to generate new customers.
  • Our integrated delivery partners can reliably deliver your food at an affordable rate.
  • 24/7 live customer support for you and your guests. We've got your back.
  • Boost online orders and drive customer frequency by offering specials, discounts, and promotions.


NEW: Zuppler is offering a special COVID-19 rate for new restaurant customers.

Zuppler offers a complete and branded online ordering solution built to grow your business and customer relationships. We are a fully customized online ordering and delivery solution for restaurants.

With our Pixel-Perfect technology™, Zuppler menus are built to be 100% branded to your business and integrate directly on your website and mobile app with beautiful menu images, creating a visual ordering experience. No other online ordering solution allows the extensive customization that follows the customer throughout the entire ordering process.

Branded, beautiful, and mobile responsive online ordering.
The capabilities of our menus are extensive, thoughtful, and effective. We believe in simple, elegant solutions that are easy to use, intuitive, and powerful.

Zuppler empowers restaurants to manage orders simply, no matter how unique your menu or order requirements. We offer various forms of order notifications, order workflows, peak order management, and much more to give you complete control.

Centrally manage all menus and publish changes with a single click across your connected website, app, Google Online Ordering, and other channels.

Delivery management. With Zuppler’s extensive delivery settings, we support the ability to control your delivery parameters to exactly suit your business needs. Need help with delivery services? No problem. Our integrated delivery partners can reliably deliver your food at an affordable rate for you and your guests.

No Order Left Behind™. Along with 24/7 live customer support, every single order across our platform is tracked the instant a guest begins to place an order all the way through to the satisfaction rating after the food has been delivered or picked up. We’ve got your back.

Available on

Flex (2nd Generation), Station Pro, Station (2018), Flex, Mini, Mobile, Station, and Web

Pricing & Subscription Information

-Flex Pay
Prices range based on you business needs! Fully customized and branded online ordering and marketing solution - Email sales@zuppler.com to learn more.
-COVID-19 Offer
 - $99.00 per month
Orders sent directly to your Clover POS.
-Low Monthly Fee
 - $149.00 per month
Enjoy our NEW online ordering platform which provides customers with a modern ordering experience. $299 1-time setup fee includes menu setup, online ordering design, & training and get you started on our turnkey solution.

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