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Clover Station Pro

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Clover Station Pro

Run your business like a pro with our fastest, most secure point-of-sale system yet. We’re taking smart terminal to a new level, making it easy to offer rewards, capture information, ensure order accuracy, and accept just about every mobile payment type. Fast, personal, secure. Welcome to Station Pro.

Streamlined operations

  • Central commandOne central hub for power and processing. One screen for you, one for your customers. And just one rate for all your credit, debit, and gift card payments.
  • Faster processing, faster deposits Run chip card transactions in less than three seconds. And with Rapid Deposit, you can get your money in minutes, not days.
  • Insights at your fingertips Harness the power of your own data—see the patterns and trends driving your sales and take a smarter approach to marketing.

Station Pro for counter‑service restaurants

Get the counter service restaurant POS system designed for you. The one that takes orders and payments as fast as your customers expect. The one that connects front to back of house. The one that helps you manage your team, run promotions and gift card programs, and pull sales and end-of-day reports.

Station Pro for retail

Run your entire shop on a single smart POS. Manage inventory and keep track of stock. Accept payments at the touch of a button. Handle returns and exchanges. Oversee your staff and run sales reports.

Increase retention through loyalty and rewards

  • Cut the clutter One POS system, two screens, one rewards program. Limitless opportunities for great customer loyalty.
  • Get to know your biggest fans Station Pro’s customer-facing display makes it easy to gather contact info and marketing preferences.
  • Contribute to community Give back to your community with charity apps that enable donations and strengthen a sense of doing good.